Writing Gremlins

A quick writing update.


I’ve gone past the 60,000 word mark on Dead Zoo Shuffle. This is a significant point for me because in the past this is usually the place where I suddenly get very tired of the book, and desperately want to be writing something else. All other potential projects look sexy and interesting, whereas my poor old Work In Progress looks tired and pointless. Wouldn’t it be a good idea, whispers my inner gremlin, to jack this pile of crap in and start on the new project? The new project, after all, is clearly the thing that will make you super famous overnight and have you living in a mansion by the end of the year. This book you’re wasting your time on right now is just eating up precious words, gibbers the gremlin.


The gremlin is evil.


I do have a slight sense of exhaustion with Dead Zoo Shuffle, but so far the gremlin has remained reasonably quiet, obviously busy off in some other bit of my subconscious, convincing me that dolphins are sinister*or something. This might be partly to do with the chapter by chapter plan I worked out when I was planning this novel; it gives me something to cling to, even when I no longer have any clue what I’m doing and even the coffee isn’t keeping my eyes open. The plan is Good, the plan is True, and if I can just keep to that I’ll see out the 60,000’s without giving in to the gremlin.


*They are.

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