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After a couple of days of swishing my sword about and heroically posing, I have finally whittled my choice of names down to three. Tell me which one you would go for in the comments- I can't promise I'll go for the most popular one in the end, because I'm fickle like that- but I'd love to know what you all think. All the names are from Dragon Age Origins (I know, I am a lame fangirl) so here are the choices and my reasons:
Starfang– a rather nifty sword you have made for you in the game after you find a deposit of meteor rock. Definitely the coolest looking sword in the game, and the cut sequence where you acquire the rock is full of lovely Superman references.

Vigilance– this is on the list souly because it's feels like the name of a sword, and Vigilance appears in the Grey Warden's oath ("In war, victory. In peace, vigilance. In death, sacrifice."

Oathkeeper– not only is this a good slice 'em and dice 'em blade in Dragon Age, it's also a reference to the sword that Jaime gives Brienne in A Song of Ice and Fire- two of my favourite characters in my favourite series of fantasy novels.
Which name will bestow the most honour upon my mighty blade? (arf!)

11 thoughts on “Vote to Help Name my Sword!

  1. Vigilance. I like the Grey Warden’s Oath. Plus this sounds like a sword forever at the ready when it’s needed. A constant ally in the fight against evil.

  2. Adam- it really is the most marvelously random sequence involving a Ma and Pa Kent in the middle of a fantasy game. I laughed like a drain the first time it happened.Eileen- Even though it is slightly cheesy, I am rather fond of the Grey Warden’s oath. It’s just so… epic. And Vigilance is a bloody good name for a sword.

  3. Oathkeeper – Not sure why but just saying that name seems to fit like a shoe when said alongside the other two, so as much as I’d like to go with the whole Superman reference thing this one feels a whole lot more comfortable IMHO.

  4. Ooo, Oathkeeper and Vigilance are definitely the most popular…. I’m leaning towards Oathkeeper at the moment because it references two things that I love.

  5. I don’t have a preference on the name of the sword, but I thought it awesome that they’re from DA: Origins. I just picked up the Ultimate Edition… I need to complete it before March, as I’ve already pre-ordered DA: II.At a push, my 2 pennies would be for Starfang – I like the ‘bite’ in the name. /groan/

  6. Can’t wait for DA:2 myself, so exciting! I think I’ve completed Origins about three times now, so it’s probably not that surprising that I’ve started to memorise the names of the swords…

  7. Ah Carys, Dragon Age is aces- it’s got epic battles, doomed romance and burping dwarves. What more could you want? 😀

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