Two Adventurers Walk into a Tavern…

A short story for you today, featuring Wydrin and Sebastian. It’s short and quite silly, and I hope that it might make the wait for Part 2 a little less annoying (big thanks to everyone on Twitter who wanted to hear more about the Scurvy Lemon). If you’ve not read The Copper Promise and would like to know more about this pair of rogues, you can get a copy here


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2 thoughts on “Two Adventurers Walk into a Tavern…

  1. *sniggers* I think Sebastian ought to commission a woodblock print of the look on Wydrin’s face when she clocked Bevin’s scam. That’s one for sharing on every pub wall across the kingdom! Great story, and I’m looking forward to the next installment of The Copper Promise!

  2. Hehe! Yes, I suspect Sebastian will be mentioning this little episode every time he wants to wind Wydrin up, which is quite often ;)Thank you for reading, I’m chuffed you enjoyed it!

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