THE IRON GHOST: Book 2 has a title!

It has turned out to be an exciting week for me! I got to see the rough version of the cover for book 2 (it looks amazing!) and I get to tell you that it’s called THE IRON GHOST. It went through a number of titles while I was writing the first draft, all of which I hated, until eventually a little light went on and, as these things tend too, all the pieces made sense.

The second book in a trilogy is a scary thing, especially when it’s your second book EVER, so I am both extremely excited and rigidly terrified for THE IRON GHOST to make its way in the world. To fill up a bit of space, here is a picture of my cat.


4 thoughts on “THE IRON GHOST: Book 2 has a title!

  1. I’ve just finished The Copper Promise and this is absolutely great news. But do I really have to wait ’til next year for The Iron Ghost?! :'(

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