The Copper Promise: Cover Revealed!

Yes, my book has a book-face, and you can see it over at Geek Syndicate.

I’m not going to be all British and understated about this… I fucking LOVE my book cover. I LOVE IT. There, I’ve said it. The distressed look, the font, the skyline, and HELLO THE DRAGON!! It is my most favourite thing ever, and itΒ all feels so much like my book, like The Copper Promise, that I really couldn’t be more chuffed. When I opened the email containing the image (and how scary was that? Really scary, let me tell you) and saw it for the first time, I laughed in a maniacal fashion and did several laps around the flat.
Only four months to go, you guys. πŸ˜€

6 thoughts on “The Copper Promise: Cover Revealed!

  1. Just realized I am going to HAVE TO buy an actual book copy of this just to hold that cover in my hands. Of course I’ll also get an ebook so I always have it with me – and can start reading the minute it downloads (while I wait for the post).

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