The Boy with the Porcelain Blade/The Copper Promise Event Palooza!

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I don’t know really, I just wanted to use the word palooza. Paloooooza…

Exciting week this week! The Copper Promise is out on Thursday, would you believe it, and if you’ve pre-ordered then a brick-sized chunk of sword and sorcery could be winging its way to you now. Terrifying and thrilling in equal measure.

I also get to tell you about an event I’m doing on the 10th of March with the marvellous Den Patrick, over at Charing Cross Road Blackwell’s, a jewel of a bookshop on one of my favourite roads in London. Den has written a book that’s going to storm the fantasy world and kick it firmly up the pants – The Boy with the Porcelain Blade is out on the 20th of March, but if you come along to Blackwell’s you can get it early. Believe me, you will want to do this as I am reading it at the moment and it is a corker – think The X-Men meets Gormenghast in a darker version of Renaissance Italy. See what I mean?

Den has also written three War Fighting Manuals for Gollancz, as well as a whole clutch of excellent short stories, and he’s a thoroughly lovely bloke who is bound to have lots of witty and wise stuff to say about books and writing (which will handily distract from me chewing my knuckles off and looking terrified).

Do come along, it would be lovely to see you all, and you’ll be supporting what I have just this second decided to call the New Weirdy Wave of Fabulous Fantasy. Possibly.

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