The Beautiful Books Post: The Age Atomic, Asimov and NOTEBOOKS

Last night I rocked along to the launch of Adam Christopher‘s The Age Atomic at Forbidden Planet. Despite working around the corner and wearing my awesome new tiger t-shirt (which should have given me super powers) I managed to be late and missed the reading, but did manage to get my hands on a copy of the marvellously green and ominous book itself. Check it out: this is a cover design that really punches you in the face.



(the inscription, if you’re wondering, reads “Thanks for everything, OK?!” which I think is because I demanded a witty inscription in a demanding tone of voice)

At the legendary Phoenix Bar I also managed to grab a drink with Andrew Reid, fantasy writer and totally my “Agent Bro”. We bumped fists and were close, I think, to coming up with some sort of Agent Bro tagline, like, “GO TEAM MUSHENS FROM OUTER SPACE!”. Andrew is a top dude and he gave me this fabulous notebook, which I love. The design on it is apparently an accidental screen print – mine looks like a herd of beasties running from an exploding sun. It’s ace.



And finally, today at work I snaffled a copy of this lovely little Foundation Trilogy boxed set, published by Panther back in the day when you could get a paperback for 30p. 30p! You can’t even get a Mars Bar for that now, alas. It has lovely Chris Foss covers and has been well read by several careful owners, I think.


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