On The Ultimate Guide to Fantasy, The Ninth Rain and reviews. Also eggs.

Oh hello! How are you?

Some quick things. The Ultimate Guide to Fantasy is out now, which features the very beautiful Jon Snow on the front and an article by me on the inside, on optimism in fantasy. As a huge Game of Thrones fan, I am quite eager to get my mitts on this myself.

Yesterday I finished the first draft of The Ninth Rain. It was a strange old journey, and I discovered much I wasn’t expecting (I like that about first drafts). There will now follow a fairly hefty second draft, where I re-jig and rewrite and polish and juggle until it becomes a thing that other people can read as well as me. Now that it’s all clearer in my head, I hope to be able to share more details with you soon, such as, what it’s actually about etc. Also, this means I can write the next blog post in my ‘How to Write a Fantasy Trilogy’ series, possibly the slowest blog series of all time.


The Silver Tide has been out for almost exactly a month now! I have loved hearing reader’s reactions to the final book in the Copper Cat series (and dat ending), and I have been very chuffed to see some great reviews popping up here and there. Here is one from The Eloquent Page which made me a little misty eyed…

Us writers do tend to bang on about it quite a bit, but reviews really do help the book along – which in turn helps secure the future of future books. As it were. So huge thanks to the lovely people doing that. <3

Right, I hope you’re all having an excellent weekend (with the possibility of chocolate eggs). I am off to drink a cider in celebration of ending first drafts…