Paperback cover proof! Shameless excuse to post a picture!


Megatron and Marty McFly take a moment away from their knitting competition to admire my gorgeous cover.


Eeey! So this is the proof for the paperback cover that will be coming out in August. It’s significantly dinkier than the trade paperback, so it’ll fit in your bag easier, and it’s not so much of a blunt instrument (although, to be fair, you probably still wouldn’t want it chucked at your head). As well as the awesome cover quote from the excellent Adrian Tchaikovsky it also features a quote from SFX, which I’m really chuffed about. AND it has my twitter handle on there. I feel very 21st century.

Apologies if this seems like a silly thing to post about, but I continue to be mega-excited about this whole process. My book! It’s real! And shiny! Best thing ever.

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