Nine Worlds: Geekfest 2013

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What-ho! Just a quick note to remind you that the first ever Nine Worlds is happening next weekend, and it’s probably something you want to get your geeky butts to. I shall be there, reading an extract* from The Copper Promise as part of the New Voices Slam Session on Friday night, trying not to freak out or lapse into comedy voices.

But aside from me making a fool of myself in public, there is an actual shit-ton of exciting stuff going on. I mean, have you seen the schedule? It is huge. It is a behemoth of a convention, full of mad interesting stuff, and once I’ve gotten through my five minutes of terror I’m very much looking forward to filling my head with loads and loads of excellent SFF gubbins.

If you’re coming along, do come and say hello! I’ll probably be in the dealer’s room, looking at My Little Ponies.

*Chapter 2, I think, because it’s quite gruesome but also has funny bits, and one of my favourite images in the entire book. No silly voices though. No.

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