Name That Tavern! And Win a Signed copy of The Copper Promise

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As I’ve now handed the second book in to my editor (and got to the end of it without hulking out or chewing my desk to bits) I thought I would celebrate with a giveaway. One of those competition things. I’ve seen other people do them.

Now, Wydrin and I share a few interests. Pointed weaponry, grumpy mages, that sort of thing – but mainly we share an enjoyment of drinking alcoholic beverages. In fact, of all my characters Wydrin is the one I’d most like to share a bottle of mead with, and she hangs out at the weirdest places: The Hands of Fate, The Scurvy Lemon, The Steaming Pot, The Boiled Dog… It’s fair to say Wydrin has an extensive knowledge of dodgy taverns.

And I do love a dodgy tavern name. Tell me a good tavern name in the comments, and you could win:

A signed copy of The Copper Promise that I will probably draw something stupid in as well.

A signed copy of Twisted Histories, a short story anthology edited by Scott Harrison. As well as a story from me, it also contains excellent scary stories from awesome writers such as Gary McMahon and Kaaron Warren.

A signed copy of An Alphabet for Strange Children, a weird little chapbook I made at art college (actually rather rare, and it contains creepy pictures of blank-eyed children. You have been warned).

And anything else I can stick in the parcel.

So name me a tavern in the comments by Thursday the 8th of May, and I could be sending you a load of nonsense in the post. Hooray!

(Be sure to leave either your twitter handle or some other way of identifying yourself, and a winner will be picked at random. GO GO GO!)

46 thoughts on “Name That Tavern! And Win a Signed copy of The Copper Promise

  1. I always wanted to see a fictional pub with a sign featuring a fluffy dog & a couple of birds, called the Spitz & Swallows.

  2. The Chunder Closet – a disgusting dive that is so foul smelling the denzins stay there to keep out of the eyes of the local watch who refuse to enter on hygiene grounds. The barman reportedly has no sense if smell and rumour has it, if you visit more than three times you will lose all of your hair for a month.

    Additional names:
    The Rumpled Stoat

    The Honking Donkey

    The Morning Lament

    The Toad Licker

  3. @bexhogan

    I was going to say ‘The Pickled Spleen’, but then my 11 year old daughter came up with ‘The Itchy Groin’…

  4. Hi Jen,

    How about ‘The Hanging Cross’. I can see it at a bleak crossroads in the shadow of a small hill and at the summit strange fruits swing in the breeze.


  5. The Effervescent Vole
    The Corroded Bucket
    The Winking Eye
    The Burnished Seether
    The So What?
    The Soiled Pantaloons

    I’d better stop, or i’ll be at it all night!


  6. Ran into a prior team leader today and this is what crossed my mind – sounded a bit like a tavern

    The Bitter Hag

  7. “The Bastard Basilisk”: a true adventurers’ tavern with battered weaponry on the walls, a pot of perma-stew in the hearth and the best stories for leagues.

    “The Embroidery Basket” where one can hire a genteel travelling companion with a most useful skill-set who attended a very specialised kind of finishing school . . .


  8. I’ve always liked the idea of ‘The Pickled Puffin’ – a friendly dockside pub, which probably has a back room for the dodgier deals to be conducted in.

    Alternatively, ‘The Wizened Willow’ is one of those which is definitely in a back alley, where you least expect to find it and might not be there the next time you go back….


  9. How about The Mage’s Mistress? Or Magical Misadventures? Or perhaps The Cat and Dragon?
    Twitter name @dangermouse3597

  10. The Mage’s Kiss! For all your fancy needs. Or The Sticky Beard… Because reasons.

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  12. The Fox Hutch – No chickens here
    The Magical Pony – only the hardest bastards would get caught in a place called this
    The Game Widow – speaks for itself

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