My Belated Dragon Age Inquisition post – SPOILER it was great

I finished my first play-through of Dragon Age: Inquisition recently and I loved it, of course (I know it’s taken me ages, but in my defence I was writing a book in the middle of it and was, for once, being a responsible grown-up). I don’t have the time or, let’s face it, the brain power for a proper review, but I thought I would randomly list a few things that made me happy.

(possible mild spoilers)


It is beautiful. It is really, really, ridiculously good-looking. These are living, breathing landscapes, full of compelling vistas and angry bears.

Jumping! You can jump! Okay, it’s possible you might spend a fair portion of your time accidentally jumping when you meant to, for example, pick up that loot, but it’s all worth it to be able to merrily hop your way up a hillside. FREEDOM.

Dorian. Since this is a Dragon Age game it is of course full of characters I want to go and have a drink with (I would especially like to share a pint of mead with Josephine and Cassandra, the bitching would be epic) but for me Dorian was the star of this game. He is a) gorgeous b) extremely well dressed and c) hilarious (I find myself telling people that I adore things to ‘little pieces’) but he also has the sort of backstory that might have seemed impossible in gaming a few years ago, and I was genuinely moved by it. I hereby present Dorian with the Best Party Member Banter Award.


Dorian: effortlessly better than everyone else.

Krem. Krem is a tremendous character for all sorts of reasons, but whenever I felt like everything else had gone to shit I went and had a chat with Krem, and things would seem a little saner.

Blackwall’s beard. Practically a character by itself.

Cheese wheels. I treasure the memory of the giant cheese wheel I found down a random crack in a mountain. A subtle nod to Skyrim, perhaps?

My amazing ability to romance the character who will dump you. Alastair, Fenris, and now Solas. I forgive you, Egg, because you are so deliciously angsty and because of that Welsh accent. I will forgive most things that are delivered in a Welsh accent.


The Apostate Hobo Who Broke My Heart

Being able to name your stuff. This was one of my favourite things from Skyrim, and I’m over the moon to see it turn up in Dragon Age. Hence all of my swords and shields and even my fancy pants were named after Mass Effect characters (apart from those times when Crafting Went Bad and I ended up with Ugly As Balls Coat).

Vivienne’s general disdain for everyone.

Do you have favourite bits from Dragon Age? I would love to hear about them.



Andraste’s tits, who ate all the sweet-rolls?

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