Important Copper Promise Update/Unusually Serious Title for Blog


I expect it’s about time I gave you an update on The Copper Promise. Well, the main piece of new is: I have made An Important and Serious Decision. *cue ominous music*


Actually, it’s not quite that bad. Recently I have been editing Part 2 whilst planning and writing Part 3, and I have noticed that events in Part 3 have been influencing the previous part. In other words, decisions and events happening in Part 3 (and even, sometimes, part 4) have changed some aspects of Masks of Ruin. Writing is odd like that. It exists in a weird timey-wimey non-chronological mush, so that you are continually adjusting and updating your own timeline. Confusing, but also fun, in a cheerfully manic sort of way.


My decision is this: I won’t be releasing Masks of Ruin until I have finished Parts 3 and 4. Obviously, this wasn’t my original plan, but while The Copper Promise started out as a quick little dungeon-romp, it has actually grown into something else – something that I want to get absolutely right, because I think I love it a bit. Maybe a lot.


So, please bear with me, lovely people. I will be working my bums off for the next few months so that Wydrin and the gang can be back with us as soon as possible. Keelah se’lai!*


*obscure Mass Effect 3 reference (which was amazing, by the way)


7 thoughts on “Important Copper Promise Update/Unusually Serious Title for Blog

  1. The Copper promise is yours; it is yours to have and yours to consider when it is right to release. I love LOVE that you are communicating with your fans and readers about its release date but I would rather wait until you are happy for us to see the next installment than have you feel rushed to give us all something which leaves us unhappy. If there was ever a more accurate time to reflect upon the old chinese curse “May you receive everything you deserve” then it is now; A Reader who demands content from a writer shall receive all they will deserve. I for one am delighted in your commitment to make it right for you.

  2. Hehe, thanks Nik! I’m horribly impatient to get it out into the world, to be honest, but I need to be strict with myself and take the time to get everything right first.

  3. If I don’t like the ending of the 4th part, will complaining to Bioware get it changed for me? ;pSeriously, Jen, take your time with it, some things should never be rushed.

  4. Yes Darren, I shall release an extra chapter where Commander Shepard pops up to bestow magical biotic powers on everyone and then they all go for a beer. 😉

  5. I understand this perfectly; I’m going through the same thing with the Split Worlds series. Whilst I’m impatient for the second part, I respect your decision to hold back and make it perfect.

  6. Thanks Emma :) It’s tough to tell people it’s going to be delayed, and I feel bad about it, but in the end the writing is in charge I guess. As ever good luck with all your Split Worlds work!

  7. It’s never as fast as we want it to be!If it feels like the less exciting path its probably the right one, that seems to be the rule with writing. And we’ll still be here when you do release it. :)

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