I’ll see you in the Hanged Man…

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t blogged this week. There are a few reasons for this. One, I have been on holiday. Two, I have been reading Jonathan Strange and Mister Norrell. And the big fat three, I have been playing Dragon Age 2.

I’m coming up to the final fight on DA2 now, and I suspect I will complete it tonight or tomorrow, and… uh, well, immediately start it again. For my second play-through I shall be Spanky Hawke*, the cheeky bicurious boy-mage who may or may not have facial hair. I usually find I enjoy the second play-through more, largely because of my “control issues” ; the first time round I won’t know what will happen, and I’m always slightly frustrated that I can’t bend the ending to my will. When I play it again, I know what I’m doing and can orchestrate happy endings for as many characters as possible (like I said, control issues).

I expect I’ll do a proper review of DA2 when I’ve completed it, but for now I will say it is enormous fun, with a smoother gameplay system, gorgeous graphics and plenty of oppurtunity to deal explodey death to all manner of darkspawn, Qunari and slavers. Perhaps it’s missing the epic story of Origins, but it did manage to make elves sexy, so I suppose you can’t have everything.


*if you have any better suggestions, please tell me. I’ve not had to name a male character in this before. 


6 thoughts on “I’ll see you in the Hanged Man…

  1. In my book, those are very good reasons not to blog. I never did play the first Dragon Age, but I keep hearing amazing things about the second one. I may eventually pick them both up. I look forward to your review.

  2. I’ve had a lovely, very indulgent week immersed in the world of DA2 :) Origins is perhaps a little more creaky, but definitely worth picking up because it has such a cracking story.Anyway, I’ll hush up and save it for the review 😉

  3. Oh no! There is still time… ;)We only had Origins because I noticed it had a picture of a dragon on the front so I put it on the christmas list. Best random purchase ever!

  4. With regards to Jonathan Strange…. How far in are you? I got about a quarter, then got sidetracked and never went back. Which annoys me, because its exactly the sort of fiction I like – pseudo historical with supernatural shitz going on, plus I believe I ought to read it in case I’m accidentally stealing from it in writing a circa 19th century supernatural shitz tale.

  5. Hi Jamie! JS&MN is absolutely brilliant, but it is incredibly easy to get distracted- this is actually my third attempt at reading it, and I think I’m mainly winning because I’ve got it on the kindle this time and I don’t have to drag the hardback around!It’s beautiful and clever and funny though. It’s very slow paced, but all the little isolated stories gradually come together to reveal a bigger story arc.

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