Gravefingers in Estronomicon


Three blog posts in one day? I can hear you spluttering from here, but I have good reasons, honest (mainly posterous being peculiar). Anyway, I am very pleased to tell you that my story Gravefingers makes an appearance in the Halloween issue of Estronomicon, and you can go and read it for free here.

All feedback greatly appreciated, especially as this is one of my personal favourites.

2 thoughts on “Gravefingers in Estronomicon

  1. I can see why you this is a fave of yours. I too love stories like this, ones that have a touch of the archetypical and feel like they could have been around for years, told by a fire.The whole finger thing felt like it had come straight out of a Grimm’s tale.I think there’s a typo on P.85 near the bottom: “She leaned down andpoked a long pointed finger at loop of intestine.”

  2. Whoops! Damn those typos. Thanks for reading Peter, I’m glad you enjoyed it (I grew up on Grimm’s fairy tales) :)

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