Fantasycon! And my general lack of geography skills.

I dimly remember doing reasonably well at Geography in secondary school. I was pretty good at drawing maps and pictures of volcanoes, and even in the year when our teacher was a fraudster who claimed to be a) an ex-cop from the mean streets of Chicago and b) a geography teacher (and was in fact neither of those things), I was still getting A-grades. However, planning my train tickets to Fantasycon the other day I realised that I actually have no idea where Scarborough is exactly, other than, you know, on a bit of the coast somewhere. As it turns out, Scarborough is really quite far up north, and may well be as far north as I’ve ever been! Exciting! In my defence, I am London down to my soot-and-jellied-eel-encrusted-bones and generally get a bit confused about anything north of Luton.

So! Fantasycon. I’ll be there, mooching around and haunting the bar, so if you are also there, do come and say hello (I am always happy to sign books and doodle dragons in them). I will also be doing a panel on killing off your main characters!


(quick answer: only kill off your main characters when it would be especially hilarious to do so)

I will also be there cheering some mates on for the Gemmell Award, and awkwardly fiddling with my napkin during the British Fantasy Awards (amazingly, The Iron Ghost is up for Best Novel, against some really genuinely incredible books). I am looking forward to the profiteroles.

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