Angry Robot Rock! Plus short story news.

Some good news this week- writing buddy and general top chap Adam Christopher has announced a two book deal with Angry Robot Books; few people I have met work as hard as Adam does, and as part of his beta-reading-ass-kicking team I can safely say this is much deserved. For more news on this, pop over to Adam’s blog. And big fat congratulations to him!

If you would like a sample of Adam’s writing, he also has a creepy little story out in today’s Hub magazine! Go and feast your eyeballs.

I am also pleased and proud to announce that Hub has bought a short story of mine too, which will be appearing in an upcoming issue soon. When I have more details you can be sure I shall splurge them all over this page and snoopy dance the news all over the internet. :)

For now I shall get back to Dragon Age 2 – if this game had a face I would lick it.

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