Alas, I are fail.

I’m having a bit of a “Hell’s bottoms, I can’t write” sort of week. I suspect it’s a result of doing more editing than writing lately, but every sentence I type has me staring at it in mild horror, wondering if it actually makes any sense. I’m beginning to wonder if I can’t tell anymore.


I’m a big believer in the idea that the creative process has to be a reasonably relaxed one. You have to let ideas and connections come forth without overanalyzing them too much, or worrying what other people will think if they were to see them. That’s why I like to have a number of notebooks that are special and secret, so that notes like “hairy eyeball cats?!!” are carefully hidden from view.


Once I start to overanalyze, the ability to make things seizes up. I had this problem in a huge way at art college, where every tiny thing you do, from a brief sketch to a completed final piece, is pored over by tutors and fellow students, and you are asked to explain, over and over again, what you meant by this, what you meant by that. In the end I found it incredibly hard to get any project to the stage I wanted, because I was continually second guessing myself.


This sucks the big one.


I’m not like that with writing. At least, I hope I’m not. I just have these weird days where the words are playing silly buggers and I don’t know the rules.

3 thoughts on “Alas, I are fail.

  1. Oh, editing will do that to you. Even worse, you may start with something that you think is really cool, and spend so much time editing it that you really have no idea whether it is good or not.But that’s writing. You gotta suck it up and keep trucking.I said KEEP TRUCKING!

  2. Sadly I am very familiar with the problem. Damn you art college, DAMN YOOOU! *shakes fists*On a similar note, if I read this particular piece of writing through one more time I may go violently crazy.

  3. Alas, I know how that feels. I have these amazing moments when everything flows and makes sense then something changes and I start to question the thoughts and intentions behind my writing and end up completely overanalyzing it. It sucks but you just have to push through and find the fun in writing again.

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