A Week on from Book Dealings


It’s been over a week since the news of my book deal with Headline was announced. It’s been a strange one really; long high periods punctuated with small moments of extremely cheery panic as the reality of it briefly sinks in. I’ve done a lot of celebrating, naturally (see the above picture of me looking slightly half cut in an Italian restaurant – I should point out I wasn’t anywhere near as drunk as I look, I just have that sort of face) and had to explain how book deals work approximately 652 times, which was strangely enjoyable. Last night I met up with some mates (who I refer to as the Hard Core Crew, because I like to pretend I’m 19) and we toasted the book before the traditional “best and most appalling vomit stories” conversation, followed by a guess the movie app which had us shouting things like “JUST PUT IN TIGERLAND!” & “WHAT THE FUCK IS TIGERLAND THOUGH?”

All in all, a good week. Also in celebration I have devised a new and punchier writing schedule with a big emphasis on stop worrying overmuch and get the story out so I’m tearing into the second book. There was an initial false start, thanks to my not starting the book close enough to the main action; it’s quite tempting (for me perhaps only) to fill the beginning of the book with all sorts of exciting details and incidents – possibly because I’ve been away from them for a while and I’m overexcited – when actually this just mires the beginning in treacle and muck. What I want at the start of a book is a punch in the face (sometimes literally).

I am excited to be here, in this situation, knowing that The Copper Promise will be venturing out into the world next year, and that there will be two more books after that. A year ago I would have told you such dreams were fanciful, that they were the ravings of too much sugar and too many late nights. Once again I must send a thank you out into the universe to all the people who read and supported the first Copper Promise novella in its original form, to all those who wrote kind reviews, and to the team of brave beta readers who put the first draft through its paces. You have my eternal gratitude.

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