A Steampunk Anthology: Her Majesty’s Mysterious Conveyance

So my exciting news this week is that my novella, The Hidden History of Stones; Or How the Sinking Jenny Was Sunk, will be appearing in a steampunk anthology from Echelon Press. Her Majesty’s Mysterious Conveyance is due out in May and will also include lovely long novellas from Adam Christopher, Kim Lakin-Smith, Nick Valentino and Sean Hayden. I’ve mentioned the steampunk story I’ve been writing here and there, normally in reference to how long it took me to write it…


It was quite a challenge for me. Although like most SFF fans I am very familiar with steampunk in all its brassy glory, I’ve never actually written any. I tend to dawdle around the fantasy and horror end of the woods, where as steampunk is more in the science-fiction/fantasy area. The idea of writing a novella was also reasonably new, given that I tend to write either very short shorts or reasonably long books. I struggled at first, anxious that it be “steampunk enough” and aware that I was trying to get familiar with a new pace of fiction, but once I’d figured out that what I really needed to do was just tell a story I wanted to hear, I rather enjoyed it. In the end, there is plenty I love about The Hidden History of Stones (including its ludicrously long title) and there’s even a character I would like to write about again one day…


 So yes! I am dead proud of this and very chuffed indeed that my story will appear next to some fabulous bits of fiction. I will slather this blog in details as soon as I have them.


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