A Guest Post for Adam Christopher & A Small Explanation

I’m still recovering from yesterday’s news – well, yesterday’s news and the cocktail I invented last night, anyway (The Copper Cat – cava with a generous measure of mead). While I gather the pieces of my tired head, there’s a guest post from me over at my great friend Adam Christopher‘s blog (he of the fabulous Empire State and The Age Atomic). I talk a little bit about how The Copper Promise came to be, and the inevitable strangeness of writing careers.

This morning, through a haze of Copper Cats, it occurred to me that there might be some confusion over what is actually being published next year. So, to clarify, in case you’re wondering:

The novella that was published on Amazon in 2011, The Copper Promise: Ghosts of the Citadel, was the first part of book 1. All in all, book 1 (The Copper Promise) was four parts – the rest were never put up on Amazon.

So next year, The Copper Promise will be published in it’s entirety. It’s much bigger than a novella. And then after that will come books 2 and 3.

I’m fairly sure I’ve confused myself writing that. But yes! Any questions, give me a shout.

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