Thursdays, Writing and Chap-Hop.

A small writing update, since I haven’t done one for a while.

I’m spending most of my time either editing Ink for Thieves or writing a Steampunk novella. They’re both presenting their own joys and difficulties; editing with my serious face on is hard work, but having given IFT  a bloody thorough reading, I find that I still like the story. Which is a relief. The steampunk story has been a royal pain in the rear end for the last couple of weeks, largely due, I think, to the weird length of it. I’m used to writing very short shorts, rarely getting above 3,000 words, or properly long novels, at 100,000 words; this inbetween world of the novella confuses and frightens me. Wibble. Having said that, it is a challenge, if only because I’m having to remember all the stuff I learnt in A-Level history. Dead Zoo Shuffle is on hold until I’ve got all this stuff sorted, which makes me a bit sad. I miss Marshall and Zootsi and all the dodgy pubs they’re probably going to without me.

I was having a fairly shit day today, it has to be said, but as usual the internet came to my rescue. Thanks to twitter and the rather fabulous @EmApocalyptic, I now know of the musical joy known as Chap-Hop.

Oh, and there was also this. You can thank me for the joy I’ve just plastered all over your face by commenting and telling me EXACTLY HOW CUTE THIS POLAR BEAR IS.


2 thoughts on “Thursdays, Writing and Chap-Hop.

  1. That is SO CUTE I want to throw on my finest attire, wrap myself in bacon and wear a tierra while running down the street shouting to the heavens about how cute this is….did I mention I’m home sick on drugs? This is very cute though….

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