This week – where to find me, plus sneaky mini competition!

Welcome to August, the month of either boiling to death or vaguely regretting the lack of a jumper in your tote bag. It’s also the month that seems to kick off a lot of EXCITING BOOK ACTION, as it were, so this is where I’ll be popping up this week:

Fantasy in the Court at Goldsboro Books

I do love Fantasy in the Court. If you want to observe writers in their natural habitat, i.e. hanging around drinking booze and gossiping, then this truly is the event of the year. Come along and have a chat, and if you have books with you, I’ll happily draw dragons in them. There will be more fantasy authors there than you can shake a magical stick at.

I will also be bringing along a copy of the US edition of The Copper Promise – not easy to get hold of over here. The first person to find me and utter the secret phrase ‘Have you got any chips?’ gets it (with attendant dragon drawings, of course).


I will be at Nineworlds on the Saturday, hanging out and burbling nonsense on a couple of panels. Again, I will be bringing a copy of the US edition of The Copper Promise, so find me and murmur the secret phrase ‘moon-faced assassin of joy’ and you can have it. Below is my schedule, and of course I’m always happy to sign books and chat the rest of the time too (hint: I’ll probably be in the bar).

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 12.27.50

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