The Twelve Days Anthology from Dark Fiction Magazine

So it’s here, on the darkest and spookiest day of the year- twelve stories to captivate, amuse, and give you the shivers. My story “Milk” is the first one on there, narrated by the lovely Kim Lakin-Smith (go find out more about that talented lady here: ) and I am tremendously proud of it. I’ve been full of the flu for the last two weeks so I wasn’t able to read the story out myself (I sound rather like a bucket full of poorly frogs) but this turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as Kim’s voice suits the story so well I actually fidgitedy about with glee while listening to it. I’m also proud of “Milk” simply because I rather like it myself for once, and I don’t often have a lot of affection for my own work.

Go here to listen to some excellent short fiction:

I’m working my way through them all now, and it is a marvellous little treat of wintery goodness.

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