The Copper Promise – Coming at you early in four ebook parts!


When I first wrote The Copper Promise, it was supposed to have been a serial gradually released in novella-sized chunks – I wanted to capture that fast-paced atmosphere of old school pulp fantasy.

Now, of course, it’s being published by Headline in gorgeous-giant-book-format (*snoopy dance*) but I’m pleased to say that we’re also doing a serialized release of the ebook, starting next Friday! The full details (and all the gorgeous covers) are over at the Headline blog, but part 1, Ghosts of the Citadel, is available for preorder for the sexy little price of 99p, with part 2 coming along on the 2nd of January. Exciting!


3 thoughts on “The Copper Promise – Coming at you early in four ebook parts!

    • Hello! :) I think we spoke on facebook – unfortunately The Copper Promise doesn’t have a publisher in the USA just yet. Obviously, I really hope that changes next year, as I’d loved to see my book making an appearence over the pond.

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