Ten Days to Go! Featuring Lego Jen

CopperPromise Bladesmall

Having spent the last few days moving home – which was every bit the trembling explosion of joy you would expect it to be* – I find myself rather surprised to discover that it is in fact February already. The last part of The Copper Promise ebook came out a few days ago, and people are actually finishing it. There are people out there who know the ending! It’s very exciting.

In another unexpectedly exciting move, the book has made an appearance over at the Hodderscape Review Project (you can find out more about it here) and the launch date is looming already – I am prepping my liver and flexing my writing fingers.

Also, if you are on twitter I highly recommend following @ZombieKudos – not just because he’s very funny, knows his geeky onions and is a lovely chap all round, but because in the lead up to the release of the book Kudos has threatened to produce a daily diorama featuring Lego me beating stuff up. What could be better than that? And since I happen to have my very own Lego Wydrin, I may have to join in.


*It wasn’t really.

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