Release the Bristolcon! AWOOOGA AWOOOGA

That’s it, the Bristolcon siren has sounded. Genre-related shenanigans have been spotted cavorting off the port side, and will be arriving with us Saturday 26th of September. All hands brace for AWESOME.

Oh I do like Bristolcon. It’s enormously friendly and relaxed, and Bristol is an odd and funky place (with excellent graffiti and its own Forbidden Planet). I have been a zombie in Bristol, and chased a helium-filled Spiderman down a street. Anyway.

Here is the programme. I’m on a panel in the evening on editing, my books will be there is some form, and I’ll be generally mooching about so do say hello if you see me! I won’t be dressed as a zombie but I will have had to get up very early, so take pity.