Fantasy in the Court

I popped along to the Fantasy in the Court event at Goldsboro Books last night, an evening of wine and writers and fantasy books – how could I not? Anyway, I thought I would put a small note on here just to say if you’re in London and looking to browse bookshops (and that is the main thing you should be doing in London, really) then you have to go to Goldsboro. So many beautiful things! More than once I was distracted from really very interesting conversations by an extremely beautiful copy of Watership Down…

It was lovely to be in such a beautiful space with so many chatty, mildly inebriated book fans. I managed to meet a whole bunch of new people, catch up with a few old mates, and further my campaign to get Lavie Tidhar to have a Bender Burger in Wimpy. Utterly failed to talk to Jeff Noon, thanks to be slightly star struck, but Marty had a good long chinwag with him so I feel like I was there in spirit at least.

In conclusion, good times! And I have a new bookshop to haunt.