Okay, so this is just a post to let you know that I am, in fact, still alive. Waving behind a mountain of editing and post-cold weariness, but still here.

Edits on THE IRON GHOST are progressing as edits normally do, with lots of hot chocolate, lots of flicking back to previous chapters and muttering “I said what exactly?!”, and lots of angst about whether everyone will unanimously hate the book, perhaps forming some sort of giant club where haters of the book can gather together to look at copies of THE IRON GHOST and shake their heads mournfully or throw things. So as expected, really.

Once that’s done with, I’ll be jumping back into Book 3, the final book in THE COPPER PROMISE trilogy and as yet, probably the craziest of the lot. Good times.

I spotted this quote today on the Tor blog, from the wonderful Sarah Rees Brennan, who was kind enough to entertain us with a reading at a recent Super Relaxed Fantasy Club:

“I love a trilogy: the setup of all trilogies is book one: set up, book two: make out, book three: defeat evil. All trilogies, including The Lord of the Rings (hello sexy maids of Rohan and the romantic complications thereof!) conform to these rules.”

This tickled me quite a bit, for reasons that may or may not become clear with the second book. Hope you are all well and groovy. x

EDIT: Oh, just noticed that the Kindle edition of THE IRON GHOST is now up for pre-order. Woohoo!