The Beautiful Books Post: The Age Atomic, Asimov and NOTEBOOKS

Last night I rocked along to the launch of Adam Christopher‘s The Age Atomic at Forbidden Planet. Despite working around the corner and wearing my awesome new tiger t-shirt (which should have given me super powers) I managed to be late and missed the reading, but did manage to get my hands on a copy of the marvellously green and ominous book itself. Check it out: this is a cover design that really punches you in the face.



(the inscription, if you’re wondering, reads “Thanks for everything, OK?!” which I think is because I demanded a witty inscription in a demanding tone of voice)

At the legendary Phoenix Bar I also managed to grab a drink with Andrew Reid, fantasy writer and totally my “Agent Bro”. We bumped fists and were close, I think, to coming up with some sort of Agent Bro tagline, like, “GO TEAM MUSHENS FROM OUTER SPACE!”. Andrew is a top dude and he gave me this fabulous notebook, which I love. The design on it is apparently an accidental screen print – mine looks like a herd of beasties running from an exploding sun. It’s ace.



And finally, today at work I snaffled a copy of this lovely little Foundation Trilogy boxed set, published by Panther back in the day when you could get a paperback for 30p. 30p! You can’t even get a Mars Bar for that now, alas. It has lovely Chris Foss covers and has been well read by several careful owners, I think.




So a special Friday treat for you today (and what else are Fridays for?) – a sneaky peek-peek of Adam Christopher‘s soon-to-be-released novel, the follow up to the excellent Empire State. Are you ready for THE AGE ATOMIC? (click for super-big vision)


Pre-order The Age Atomic.

Come to the official launch at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, London, Thursday April 4th, 2013.

Holy Link Post, Batman!

Busy week, no sleep, too much sugar… my brain isn’t sensible enough to give you a big fat blog post today, but I do have a series of links I should wave about, and one of them does include a big fat blog post:


I have been guest blogging over at Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review, where I talk in a meandering sort of way about fantasy maps and my own journey as a fantasy reader.


The Dark Fiction Magazine Halloween issue is now complete, with excellent stories from Lou Morgan, Emma Newman, Adrian Faulkner and Joshua Malbin – all with a watery theme. I strongly recommend giving your ears this spooky and slightly damp treat.


The cover for Adam Christopher’s The Age Atomic has been revealed and it’s a corker.


Nanowrimo continues on its coffee-sodden way; I’ve popped up a rough synopsis for London-Under-Sea if you’re curious.


And that’s it! Hopefully next week I will have a more coherent set of thoughts for you, but for now it’s back to the word count.