Holy crap it’s THE NINTH RAIN pre-order competition! UPDATED

So. The Ninth Rain, the first book in the Winnowing Flame trilogy, is out next week, on the 23rd of February. Starburst said it’s ‘fantasy adventure at it’s very best’, SFX gave it 5 stars, an ‘SFX LOVES’ badge and said it’s ‘a sublime read’, while SciFiNow said The Ninth Rain is ‘a fast-paced and vibrant fantasy romp’, and also walloped it with 5 stars. I am pretty chuffed, as you can imagine!

To celebrate, I am doing a little pre-order competition. It’s pretty easy – if you’ve pre-ordered The Ninth Rain (any edition) just tweet a picture of your pre-order confirmation/receipt at me (with private details chopped off if they’re on there) and you could win a little signed art postcard thing that I made myself. Think of it like the little dragons I draw in signed copies, only I made a bit more effort this time. There will only be one such thing in allll the world, and I’ll write hello on the back and such. I’m @sennydreadful on twitter, if you’ve managed to miss me waffling on.



EDIT: There are now two cards to win! The winners will be picked at random on the evening of the 22nd of February. So tweet me! And if you’re in London next Thursday, please do join me for the launch at Forbidden Planet.