Super Relaxed Fantasy Club – York edition!


EDIT: Unfortunately Adrian Tchaikovsky can no longer make it to the York meet, although I am pleased to tell you that David Tallerman will be reading instead, along with some other authors yet to be confirmed.

Exciting news! Super Relaxed Fantasy Club is heading up to York (only one of my favourite places ever). Details below!

WHEN: Saturday 2nd August

WHERE: Brigantes Bar and Brasserie
114 Micklegate, York, North Yorkshire YO1 6JX

MORE WHEN: the first reading will be at 5pm, so best to turn up before then.

WHO: the amazing Adrian Tchaikovsky, author of the Shadows of the Apt series, will be reading and doing a Q&A, with further readings to be confirmed.

WHAT THEN: drinking, chat, the usual SRFC shenanigans



Quick Blog Round-Up & Ghosts of the Citadel available tomorrow!

A massive storm has blown up from nowhere outside, so while I sit here with the telly off and rubber shoes on, here’s a brief round up of cool stuff happening today and tomorrow.

Firstly, I’m over at Abhinav Jain’s blog talking about how I name my characters (I have an incredibly intricate system, as I’m sure you can imagine *ahem*) – it’s a post I very much enjoyed writing, and it made me realise some things about my process that were entirely new to me.

Secondly, I am chuffed that The Copper Promise is mentioned on Adrian Tchaikovsky‘s list of books he enjoyed this year – particularly since I finished Dragonfly Falling this morning and I’m very much in love with the Shadows of the Apt series at the moment.

My good friend Adam Christopher also mentions The Copper Promise in his list of things to look out for next year (also next year, Adam has two books out – The Burning Dark and Hang Wire. Now, I’ve read The Burning Dark and it is A. May. Zing. So get on it.)

And lastly, the first part of The Copper Promise ebook, Ghosts of the Citadel, is out tomorrow! 99p gets you the opening chunk of my sword and sorcery “romp” (my agent described it as a romp and now I will use that word as much as possible. Romp romp romp. 99p romp!)

CopperPromise Ghostssmall