Early June Update of No Significance


Random Picture of Our Cat Looking Incredibly Lazy

I thought I’d write one of those update blog posts, where I fart on a bit about what I’m doing at the moment and where I am in the writing process, la la la. It’s probably not spectacularly interesting but at least in November, when I’m locked in a room with my laptop and 800 packets of Halloween sweeties I can look back and think “What the Christ was I doing in June exactly?!” and I will know. So there’s that.

Book 2 in The Copper Promise sequence (there’s definitely a title for it at the moment but I’m not certain I’m allowed to tell you what it is yet) is currently with my editor and I’ll be getting notes back on it soonish. So far, reactions have been positive and feedback has made me feel like perhaps this is a real book after all. I’m looking forward to getting back into it, particularly now that I’ve had a break and some distance – in some places this wasn’t an easy book to write, and emotionally I feel like I put the characters (and myself) through The Giant Fantasy Wringer of Emotional Woe. I’m also looking forward to seeing the cover and getting used to the idea that next year I will have two books out in the world. Crazypants.

Book 3 (which also definitely has a title that I haven’t told anyone yet) is planned up the wazoo, and I’ve started writing bits of it. This one, the last book, is going to be both the most fun and the most painful. At the moment my corkboard has a half-inch thick layer of post-its on it, bristling with pins and scribbled over with felt-tip pens. It’s like a wee shrine to the Gods of Stationery.

And in the background to all that plans are afoot for the fantasy series that will come after The Copper Promise. It’s too early to say anything about this at all really, except that it’s more “epic” than “pulp”, but with the same emphasis on characters, banter, and drinking. I mean, adventure. Characters, banter, adventure, peril, etc. I’m cautiously excited as characters are turning up and introducing themselves at an alarming rate, and things like titles and names are coming really easily – something I often struggle with. We shall see where it goes.