Interview with Rambling Through Genre & The Copper Promise Reading!

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I did my first public reading of The Copper Promise at Nine Worlds, and the lovely chaps at Rambling Through Genre recorded it, as well as the readings of my fellow debut novelists, Liz de Jager and Laure Eve. I also did a brief interview with Max Edwards, where I actually managed to talk intelligently about the book! Amazing. Normally I do a lot more umming and ahing and just about manage to convey that it’s a book of some sort but here I even get a bit in about Wydrin and why she’s cool.

You can listen to it here, and do forgive the note of extreme terror in my voice as I do the reading, I was totally cacking myself.

Nine Worlds: Geekfest 2013

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What-ho! Just a quick note to remind you that the first ever Nine Worlds is happening next weekend, and it’s probably something you want to get your geeky butts to. I shall be there, reading an extract* from The Copper Promise as part of the New Voices Slam Session on Friday night, trying not to freak out or lapse into comedy voices.

But aside from me making a fool of myself in public, there is an actual shit-ton of exciting stuff going on. I mean, have you seen the schedule? It is huge. It is a behemoth of a convention, full of mad interesting stuff, and once I’ve gotten through my five minutes of terror I’m very much looking forward to filling my head with loads and loads of excellent SFF gubbins.

If you’re coming along, do come and say hello! I’ll probably be in the dealer’s room, looking at My Little Ponies.

*Chapter 2, I think, because it’s quite gruesome but also has funny bits, and one of my favourite images in the entire book. No silly voices though. No.

On Leaving Dark Fiction Magazine

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It is with a slightly heavy heart – a heart that has been removed by a cackling scientist perhaps, and refitted with a combination of wheels and obese hamsters – it is with a hamster-heavy heart that I must tell you I am stepping down as editor of Dark Fiction Magazine (if you go there now you will see this post and a rather alarming picture of zombie me)

Unfortunately, it’s not for any particularly dramatic reason. The bodies have yet to be discovered (despite my notes) and we’ve all agreed to forget about the business with the elephant, so I won’t be flouncing off in a cloud of internet stink. The sad fact is that the time I would once put aside for reading submissions and wrangling narrators has recently become so vanishingly small that I now have difficulty finding it, even with the help of micro-goblins. These days I’m spending every spare moment working on my fantasy book (The Copper Promise, out in February from Headline books, first in a trilogy, no I’m not above plugging it here) and those characters take up a lot of headspace.

But, you know, it’s been a good couple of years. We’ve found some excellent stories, uncovered some new writers, and I’m proud of the work we’ve done. Short fiction, and particularly short genre fiction, is in fine health, and there’s some exciting stuff out there. I look forward to watching where it goes next. And Dark Fiction Magazine won’t be disappearing into a black hole with me; it will be passing over to the fine and excellent folks at Spacewitch, who will be taking it to new and saucy places, no doubt.

I am enormously grateful to the marvellous people that willingly gave of their free time and wicked skillz to make this thing work, particularly Marty Perrett, an awesome audio producer (known as Doug Strider in his local for reasons relatively undisclosed), and to Blane Traynor, Shock the Badger, who has provided us with some fabulous artwork. Huge thanks to the narration team, who are all excellent and very attractive, and to everyone who submitted a story.

And to the writers who have featured in the magazine over the years: cheers, guys. I think we did a beautiful thing.

Introducing News Beast: Conventions and Pre-Orders

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So I thought I’d best do a quick round up otherwise I will forget things: an exceptionally boring Monday was livened up considerably when someone on facebook (I say someone; a lovely person with tremendous good taste, obviously) told me that she’d pre-ordered The Copper Promise. Yep, as well as having an ISBN and everything you can pre-order the book. This is marvellous and surreal and a little bit scary. Yes.

Also, I should mention that I will be popping up at Edge-Lit 2 in Derby on the 13th of July, where I will be talking on a couple of panels and attempting to look like I know what I’m waffling on about (unlikely, I know). I’ve been to conventions in the Quad before and it’s a very cool place for a gathering; just cosy enough that you tend to find people you know in the corridors quite often, so it feels like a very relaxed, friendly con. If you’re going do come and say hello.

In August I’ll be going along to the newest (and possibly sexiest) con on the block, the Nine Worlds Geekfest in London. On the Friday night I will be participating in a New Voices Slam Session (eek!) where I will read a bit from The Copper Promise. Will I do funny voices? Will I forget my characters’ names? Come and found out.

More from News Beast next week. Back to the studio!