This just in: Fantasycon now alarmingly close

It’s Fantasycon next weekend.

This raises lots of questions, such as: how it is nearly the bloody end of October already? Where is this year going? Seriously, I swear it was April yesterday. And so on.

It might also raise the question: hey what are you doing at Fantasycon? Does it mostly involves the bar? Well yes it does, but also on the Saturday at 4pm I will be on a panel called Here be Dragons: How can epic fantasy reinvent itself? alongside Bradley Beaulieu, Den Patrick, Brandon Sanderson and Marc Turner, with the excellent Gillian Redfearn moderating. Hooray! I will move swiftly on from here pretending I am not super nervous about that…

And then at 7.00pm we’ll be running a special edition of Super Relaxed Fantasy Club with readings and chatter from Kim Lakin-Smith and Adrian Tchaikovsky, so two of my very favourite genre people. It’s going to be a good one.

On Sunday I will also be attending the British Fantasy Society awards, because much to my unending surprise I am up for Best Newcomer (I keep remembering that this is real and freaking out a little bit). And then I will likely go home and sleep for about 24 hours.

So if you see me at fantasycon do say hello – I am rubbish at being the person who says hello, and also terrible at recognising people, and at remembering names (I know, I am really selling myself here) but despite being shy I do like saying hello to people and will happily draw dragons, or indeed other things on request. See you there!