This week: What am I even doing?

Stuff and things are happening! And will continue to happen this week, so I’m going to write some of them down here (mostly for my own reference because I am easily distracted at the moment.

On Saturday Den Patrick and I sauntered on down to Kingston Waterstones and did a little chat about books, covering things like magic, horror, diversity and how weird Alien would have been with Harrison Ford in Ripley’s role. It was lovely to see The Iron Ghost in an actual shop for the first time, and we signed some books too. Huge thanks to everyone who popped along and the lovely booksellers (and I will have to go back because Kingston has items of HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE that I must look at further and also a Five Guys)


Den and his Lego mini-fig, which had a unicorn costume. He wasn’t best pleased.

I have been doing things on the internet.

Over at I wrote a post called The Pinocchio Factor, about non-humans and what their struggle towards humanity means in terms of story and identity (which sounds mega serious but is mostly about Data from Star Trek). I am dead proud to have a post on because they always have tons of interesting stuff on there.

I was interviewed over at the lovely Joanne Hall’s blog, where I had a minor rant about diversity in fantasy…

And at SF Signal I wrote a guest post about my five favourite women in fantasy who don’t have time for your nonsense.

And for Civilian Reader I wrote a blog post about how important it was for me to watch Watership Down as a kid so it messed me up good and proper.

There was also a little blog about the writing process that people seem to have enjoyed, so I’m going to blatantly plug it again here. There you go.

IronGhost_v2 jpg jpg

Pretty cover is pretty.

And on Tuesday the 24th of February I will again be teaming up with Den to do a reading at Super Relaxed Fantasy Club – normally we host the meet-up of course, so there is a particular kind of pressure to not be really dreadful at this. Hence, my reading will be very short. Hooray!

Thursday is the big one. On the 26th of February at 6pm I will be launching The Iron Ghost at Forbidden Planet. I will sign books for anyone who wants one (I have been working on a new dragon for this book..) and there will be biscuits and the pub afterwards. It would be truly awesome to see you there. Yes, YOU!



THE IRON GHOST: Launches and Reviews, oh my!

IronGhost_v2 jpg jpg


posting cover



So the facebook event for the launch of The Iron Ghost is up and running now; you can see it here, and if you’re coming along say hello. I’m starting to feel the mixture of excitement and terror that apparently comes with a book coming out, and I can’t wait to actually see my second wee baby on the shelves next to her sister. You can pre-order a copy from Forbidden Planet, and I will be signing all their stock like crazy. Well, not ALL the stock, just my books, but you know. To quote tumblr, I AM EXCITE.

If you’re new to the whole “copper promise, epic wotsits, mouthy sell-swords, mead and magic and nonsense” thing, then there are a couple of new reviews that might gentle nudge you towards my sword and sorcery eventual-trilogy:

The lovely Alasdair Stuart, (man of many talents, herder of red coats and podcast emperor) advises that you read The Copper Promise “before it picks your pocket and sells your stuff back to you.” Go look!

And over at Fantasy Faction the awesome Joanne Hall, author of her own excellent fantasy series and Bristolcon wizard, says very lovely things about The Iron Ghost: “The Iron Ghost is just as magical, just as action packed, just as clever and just as much fun as its predecessor.”