Name That Tavern! And Win a Signed copy of The Copper Promise

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As I’ve now handed the second book in to my editor (and got to the end of it without hulking out or chewing my desk to bits) I thought I would celebrate with a giveaway. One of those competition things. I’ve seen other people do them.

Now, Wydrin and I share a few interests. Pointed weaponry, grumpy mages, that sort of thing – but mainly we share an enjoyment of drinking alcoholic beverages. In fact, of all my characters Wydrin is the one I’d most like to share a bottle of mead with, and she hangs out at the weirdest places: The Hands of Fate, The Scurvy Lemon, The Steaming Pot, The Boiled Dog… It’s fair to say Wydrin has an extensive knowledge of dodgy taverns.

And I do love a dodgy tavern name. Tell me a good tavern name in the comments, and you could win:

A signed copy of The Copper Promise that I will probably draw something stupid in as well.

A signed copy of Twisted Histories, a short story anthology edited by Scott Harrison. As well as a story from me, it also contains excellent scary stories from awesome writers such as Gary McMahon and Kaaron Warren.

A signed copy of An Alphabet for Strange Children, a weird little chapbook I made at art college (actually rather rare, and it contains creepy pictures of blank-eyed children. You have been warned).

And anything else I can stick in the parcel.

So name me a tavern in the comments by Thursday the 8th of May, and I could be sending you a load of nonsense in the post. Hooray!

(Be sure to leave either your twitter handle or some other way of identifying yourself, and a winner will be picked at random. GO GO GO!)