Geeky Book Chat 5: Chat of Steel

Greetings all, it’s Geeky Book Chat Friday, which extra added Friday! Yes!

I am quite pleased it’s Friday, as you might have guessed. Okay, usual set up: a bunch of questions, book and/or geek culture related, let’s all have a chat in the comments.

Some interesting suggestions for discussion points on twitter this morning (some more cheese related than others) Feel free not to answer every question, but do chatter freely:

Non-human races in fantasy: your orcs, your elves, your anthropomorphised bat people. They’ve always been a big part of fantasy in the past, but with the upsurge in “grimdark” we might be seeing less of them. Is this good or bad?

Give me your favourite animal companions. Well, don’t give them to me, tell me who they are.

The sexy ghost scene in Ghostbusters: why was Dan Akroyd’s character in military uniform? DISCUSS (stolen from @mygoditsraining, but I really do need to know this)

I’m re-reading Men at Arms at the moment, and when I mentioned this on twitter I was pleasantly surprised by the waves of love from all directions. Your top five Discworld novels, please.

I also finished the excellent The City’s Son by Tom Pollock this week. I love books set in London, me, but what are the best genre books set in other cities?

Bonus question: Pacific Rim trailer – big HELL YES or big HELL NO?

Geeky Book Chat Club 4: Into Chatness

Hello all! It’s Friday and I’m feeling particularly indecisive today (really, you should have seen me trying to decide which t-shirt to wear this morning, and I only have one clean one left) so rather than forcing myself to decide on a topic I’m inviting you to another geeky book chat. As ever, answer whichever questions you like and please do get chatty in the comments!

Name a book or a short story that still haunts you. Why has it stayed with you for so long?

Speaking of short stories, any favourite short stories of all time?

Is there a character you wish you’d written?

How important are editors? (this might be referencing a certain blog post that was doing the rounds this morning)

Fanfiction – good thing, bad thing, don’t care?

Geek Book Chat Club 3: The Chat Strikes Back

It’s back, because you demanded it! Well, not really, but I did get at least one tweet asking me what had happened to this, and, well, any excuse really. As usual I pop up a list of possible discussion topics and you, lovely readers, have a good old chinwag in the comments.

(I’m doing a mixture of questions today for both writers and readers; the first question was suggested by top chap and Buffy obsessive, @roybutlin

Geek book chat GO GO GO!

How much do you visualise when you’re writing? Do you always know what the people and the places look like?

How important is world-building? Do you need to know how the local currency works, or whether open toed sandals are in fashion? Or are you happy to make-up/ignore the details at will?

Which fictional character would you most like to be stuck in a lift with? (for whatever reason)

Your favourite obscure author – which of their books would you recommend to get people reading them?

How much of a chance do you give a book if it doesn’t grab you right away?


Geeky Book Chat Club 2: Chat Harder

So, it’s the slightly awful Tuesday back after four days of eating chocolate and watching episode after episode of Game of Thrones (that’s how our weekend went, anyway) so I thought I’d attempt to make my day less dreary by trying out another Geeky Book Chat. Just like last week, I’ll pop up a handful of questions and you, fabulous people, can drop in answers to some or all of them in the comments. Lovely!

Let’s talk about books and ignore the fact that it’s still bloody freezing despite the arrival of APRIL and everything. Huff. Here are the questions:

What was your favourite childhood book?

How important is a book cover to you?

Is there a genre you consider a “no go” area? Is there a section of the bookshop you won’t bother browsing?

Who is your favourite fictional baddie?

What is your “comfort read”?

Geeky Book Chat Club – come and talk to me in the comments!

So what is this?

Well, in short, I like to talk about books, and sometimes this blog can feel like me waffling on to myself, when I really want to hear from you people. What I’m going to do, I think, is pop up a series of bookish questions and you can choose to answer one, or some, or all! Or just throw in some random thoughts, insults, recipes – those are also welcome.

There might be a bit of a delay in my replies/publishing of comments if I’m stuck on the bus or something, but let’s give it a whirl. Our first Geeky-Book-Chat Club is a go!

Did a book change your life when you were a kid? Which book?

Which writers need more love? We all know who the big names are – who are the smaller names doing brilliant work we need to know about?

If you’re a writer, is there a particular book that put you on that path?

Which fictional character would you most like to spend a debauched evening with?

Which fictional character would you most like to push off a cliff?


There we go! Please do comment and give me your lovely words of wisdom.