The Gemmell Awards and a Fox Pocket story

Oi oi! Just some quick bits and bobs. I’m very chuffed to say that The Iron Ghost has made it on to the long list for the David Gemmell Legend award (for best book) – alongside some incredible writers. Patrick Insole, the clever chap who designed all my covers, has also been nominated for the amazing Iron Ghost cover. If you should feel so inclined, voting is free and open to everyone, so CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR AWESOME BOOKS.

If you need a reminder of the awesomeness of The Iron Ghost cover, with the icy mountains of Skaldshollow and fabulous wyverns (and ridiculous pun), here you go!

IronGhost_v2 jpg jpg

The Piercing the Vale fox pocket anthology is out now from Fox Spirit books, and I’m very pleased to have a short story in there. Short stories from me these days are as rare as griffin teeth, so I am quite proud of The Ghost-Trap, and this tiny wee book is bursting with fabulous tales. You can grab a copy here.


Gorgeous cover design by Sarah Anne Langton

And a quick last minute plug – myself, Ed Cox and Den Patrick are off to Colchester on the 28th of May. I hope to see some of you there!

Edge-Lit 2: The Edgening*

Since it just this minute happened, I am quite tempted here to tell you the story of how I nearly collided with a dead pigeon this morning, BUT I shall spare you the gruesomeness of that. I’m actually here to say that I’m at EdgeLit 2 in Derby this weekend, talking about fantasy and the internet (two of my favourite subjects, natch) and you can see the schedule here. Fox Spirit are having a launch too (how cute is the panda on their site?) and there will be cakes and chatter, and generally a rather funky time to be had by everyone, so if you’re around come and say hello.


*totally stole this off Andrew Reid, soz.