My Complicated February; Or, my book is nearly here, HALP

This is going to be one of those posts where I have a lot of different things to tell you, so I’m chucking them all together in one place. Efficiency FTW!

Firstly, enormously excited that The Copper Promise was featured in FantasyFaction’s Top 50 Fantasy Books of 2014, and it made the top 5! Seriously, I spent all of yesterday in some sort of stunned daze about this. There are so many great writers on that list, it has blown my tiny mind.


Secondly, Sorrow’s Isle is out now and available to download for 99 of your human pennies. It’s a short story set in the world of The Copper Promise before the events of the first book, and it also includes a little preview of The Iron Ghost (which is out in 26 days, ye gods, the terror).

SorrowsIsle_ecover jpg



So yes, tomorrow is February, which is the month where I officially start to panic in a big way. The Iron Ghost, the sequel to The Copper Promise, is out on the 26th. Aieeeee. So if you haven’t read The Copper Promise yet, that’s practically loads of time to catch up… I’m doing a few signings and stuff where I will attempt to scrawl a dragon in your copy (please note I am usually very nervous at these things so the dragons may be somewhat wobbly. I think it adds to their character).

IronGhost_v2 jpg jpg

First up, on the 21st of February Den Patrick and I will be teaming up to chat about books and nonsense at Kingston Waterstones, where you can pick up copies of Den’s excellent books in the Erebus Sequence, The Boy with the Porcelain Blade and The Boy Who Wept Blood. It’ll also likely be the earliest you can grab a copy of The Iron Ghost too!

Then on the 24th, Den and I will be taking over Super Relaxed Fantasy Club for the evening, with readings and Q&As and lots of chat. As usual we’ll be at the Sky Bar at the Grange Hotel in Holborn from 6.30pm.


On Thursday the 26th of February, it’s the big one for me – launching The Iron Ghost at Forbidden Planet! We had such an excellent time last year with The Copper Promise I am super excited to do it again, whilst also slightly terrified at the same time of course. There will be pub shenanigans afterwards, and possibly the spectacle of an overwhelmed author clutching both books to her bosom and calling them her “precious babies”.

So, February. Highly likely to kick my arse all over the shop, but I’m very much looking forward to seeing The Iron Ghost out in the world as well as catching up/meeting people for the first time. I hope I will get to see you all at some point!


THE IRON GHOST: Launches and Reviews, oh my!

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posting cover



So the facebook event for the launch of The Iron Ghost is up and running now; you can see it here, and if you’re coming along say hello. I’m starting to feel the mixture of excitement and terror that apparently comes with a book coming out, and I can’t wait to actually see my second wee baby on the shelves next to her sister. You can pre-order a copy from Forbidden Planet, and I will be signing all their stock like crazy. Well, not ALL the stock, just my books, but you know. To quote tumblr, I AM EXCITE.

If you’re new to the whole “copper promise, epic wotsits, mouthy sell-swords, mead and magic and nonsense” thing, then there are a couple of new reviews that might gentle nudge you towards my sword and sorcery eventual-trilogy:

The lovely Alasdair Stuart, (man of many talents, herder of red coats and podcast emperor) advises that you read The Copper Promise “before it picks your pocket and sells your stuff back to you.” Go look!

And over at Fantasy Faction the awesome Joanne Hall, author of her own excellent fantasy series and Bristolcon wizard, says very lovely things about The Iron Ghost: “The Iron Ghost is just as magical, just as action packed, just as clever and just as much fun as its predecessor.”


Super Fast Update: ebooks and other sexy things

A blink and you’ll miss it post, this one, mainly because despite spending most of Christmas asleep I seem to have a case of the mega-tireds again, BUT… cool things to tell you.

Firstly, part 2 of the serialised ebook of The Copper Promise is now available to buy – Children of the Fog contains some of my favourite bits of the book (I know I’m not really allowed to have favourite bits, but I do) and it also gives you some answers to the absolute bitch of a cliffhanger that comes at the end of Ghosts of the Citadel (to the people who have been waiting two years for that – I have awarded you all psychic medals for awesomeness).

Secondly, The Copper Promise got a mention on Fantasy Faction’s Best Books of 2013 – at number six, no less! Now, The Copper Promise did have a slightly confusing genesis, what with the very first part being self published in 2011, the ebook serialisation starting in December, and the actual physical book being out in February 2014, but… the long and the short of it is that I’m dead chuffed that the lovely reviewing peeps at Fantasy Faction enjoyed the book so much they wanted to include it, and I’m over the moon to be on a list that contains a whole bunch of tremendous writers. It is an amazing thing.

Anyway. While I’m here I shall wish you another Happy New Year, because you can’t get enough of those.