Nanowrimo Day 16: Eyeball Blistering Agony



Day sixteen of Nanowrimo, and although I’m ahead of the projected wordcount I am feeling the midway miseries, big time. The opening third was great – fun to write, full of the setting up of mysteries for later and character sketches – but now we’re into the fat middle third, where stuff happens. Only I’m not sure what stuff. Not really.

            I have notes on possible ideas, but when I come to write them none of it feels like it’s quite there. More troublingly, Isaac seems to be very different to the character I initially imagined, and this makes the dynamic of the group a little difficult to juggle – I had thought he was troubled/brooding/angry/shouty, but he actually seems to be troubled/brooding/introspective/reserved, which makes for an entirely different set of interactions.

            So, much griping and misery from the writer. What happened, I ask, to the fine and sexy outline I had? And there is a suspiciously low body-count for one of my books. The baddie is great, and things are connecting in those small, magical ways that random things do when you’re writing a book, but there’s no doubt it’s a struggle at the moment.

            Still, this is all fairly standard for the third week of Nanowrimo, and I’ve not been very well for the last few days either, which hasn’t helped. It’s time, I think, to scribble some brainstormy notes and give my typing fingers the night off – I’ve got a full week of nothing but writing ahead!