*gibbering noises* THE IRON GHOST nominated for Best Novel in the British Fantasy Awards


Totally over the moon to find out this morning that The Iron Ghost is on the Best Novel shortlist for the British Fantasy Society awards. Not only that, but it’s rubbing shoulders with a completely stonking bunch of excellent novels, and the nominations in general contain lots of dear friends and people I admire a lot. What an unexpectedly great Tuesday!

I am especially pleased because The Iron Ghost was such a hard book to write. Full of anxiety and self-doubt, I sweated blood over the thing, starting over twice and chucking away over 60,000 words at one point. That I made it out the other end with an actual book felt like a miracle at the time, so the fact that people appear to have enjoyed it makes all the sweat-blood worthwhile. Now I shall eat a giant cookie. 😀

EDIT: Bonus! Mentioned in the Guardian 😀