Rocking out and Editing In… or something.


A brief rundown on the news and happenings this week… (ooo, I felt like Newsround then)


Just recently our little flat has been jumping with the heavy heavy monster sound of Marty’s bass guitar, as he practised for the Black Roof Country reunion gig. The gig itself was this Saturday gone, and I can happily report that the chaps kicked out the jams most satisfactorily, and we all had a most excellent time. I am especially proud of Marty because he hasn’t touched the guitar in a long time and was very nervous beforehand- well done my bloke! You can read his blog on the whole shebang here.


Due to the excellentness of this past weekend The Snake House is a few thousand words short of where it should be at the moment, but I’m hoping the bank holiday we’ve got coming up will sort that out. It better had, since I need to finish this book by the end of this month on pain of death!! Well, not really. More like on pain of extreme annoyance, but the fact is I need to do the final-oh-god-when-will-it-end edits on Ink for Thieves, and then start editing another book straight after if I want to meet my goal of having two novels ready to be sent out into the world by the end of the year.


Which book that will be is an interesting question (to me perhaps only). My original plan was to start on Dead Zoo Shuffle next, but I still feel slightly too close to that one still, and the boiling hatred I felt for The Steel Walk when I finished the first draft has started to fade a little. I may crack open the manuscript once more to see if I can wrestle some sense out of it. What could possibly go wrong with a book about witches, vampires and ghost pirates. Right? RIGHT?


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