Random Round-up: fantasycon, writing and teeny weeny cats

I am so horribly busy. How is it November already? On account of the fact that I barely know what day of the week it is at the moment, here is a super quick round up of STUFF with random pictures:

Fantasycon was great! Super well-organised, full of lovely people. I caught up with lots of old friends and made some new ones. Oh, and the hotel was excellent. Bravo all round!


With thanks to the lovely Sophie E. Tallis, here’s me on the Here Be Dragons panel with Gillian Redfearn, Bradley Beaulieu, Brandon Sanderson, Marc Turner and gentleman pirate Den Patrick.

The Silver Tide is up on netgalley currently (how terrifying is that?) and available for request, while I am in the midst of the final proof read. Once that’s done, the trilogy is officially finished. I am planning on drinking a large bottle of wine and laying face down on the sofa for a bit.


Uh, my face was randomly on Doctor Who. I am a Zygon now apparently. 


It’s November so Nanowrimo is happening! I am participating this year (well, in between proofreading and job stuff), working on the first draft of The Ninth Rain. 





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