NaNoWriMo Day 4: Weekend Writing


Today’s writing mascot is Duncan. I imagine his writing advice would be something like: “In war, victory. In peace, vigilance. In November, too much caffeine and fingerless gloves.”

Historically I’m not very good at writing at the weekend. I have quite a strict writing routine during the week so my brain tends to flop into SUPER RELAX MODE on a Saturday and it’s a minor miracle if I’m out of bed before midday. Although I always have good intentions of getting some words down, by the time I’m dressed and awake, it’s time to eat dinner and slip into a food-induced coma.

This weekend though I have behaved myself. I’m about 2,000 words ahead of where I need to be for Nanowrimo, and London-Under-Sea is moving along at the pace I want it to. We’ve witnessed Esther’s troubling beginnings, had a quick swim around the submerged city, and met Isaac, who is smouldering in an angsty and brooding fashion. At the moment I’m feeling quite happy with where it’s going, and looking forward to seeing where this book wants to take me.

 How about you? I’d love to hear some Nanowrimo progress reports in the comments!

6 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 4: Weekend Writing

  1. I’ve had a very lazy Sunday. I did intend to get some done earlier, but I ended up playing computer games. That said, I’m going to hit my target within the next 30 mins and have been ahead every day so far…As for the story…well, it’s a bit chunky thus far. It’s interesting to compare to something which I’ve written without the deadline pressure of a wordcount, which is often far closer to the “final” standard of my writing – I have a tendency to go back and streamline things as I write so I am *not* looking forward to editing this. Lots of it is going to be put face-first through a wood chipper and that makes me kind of sad.

  2. I think you might be surprised by how much of it *is* decent, when you give it a read back through later. I hated The Snake House when I finished it, after 2 manic months of Nano Camp, but reading it again a year later there was a reasonable amount of good stuff amongst the cack.What video game are you playing at the moment? I’m a bit lost now there’s no new Mass Effect or Dragon Age on the immediate horizon. Bioware have ruined me for all games!

  3. A load of my old WoW friends got DOTA 2 keys, so I’ve been playing that. It’s fun, but not, in that games can either be REALLY REALLY good or you can get SO FRUSTRATED that you smash your mouse off the table. Of course, having them all online on a Sunday is just too tempting…

  4. I have been the same way, super dedicated and disciplined during the week (although it was only two weekdays so far) and now that it’s the weekend, I had thought I’d try to get at least to 10k by tonight, but I’m not sure if that will actually happen. I’ll try to at least get to 7, i’m at around 5800 right now. Weekends are really my only time to relax and yes, play computer games. I’m a little jealous of boyfriend because he got to 9k before the weekend and so is taking it off from writing. -_-

  5. I think you do need time for your brain to reload a bit, which is why I zonk out so much at the weekend. Nanowrimo is a bit unforgiving in that sense >_<

  6. Bluh, I had a whole comment and then it didn’t go through because it said I wasn’t signed in!Anyway – the gist is that I’m currently behind, but should be able to catch up with a sprint once the kids are in bed.[sigh]

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