Launching at Blackwell’s, and a Smattering of Other Cool Things

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Gosh, it’s been a busy week.

Last night, Den Patrick and I were interviewed by the marvellous Jared Shurin of Pornokitsch as part of our joint launch for The Boy with the Porcelain Blade and The Copper Promise. Enormous thanks must go to Blackwell’s of Charing Cross Road for hosting, and to Sophie Caldwell for also organising the drinks afterwards (which included themed Martini’s – a little coin and a tiny sword in each! A drink based on my book! Probably my proudest moment in my career so far). Thanks of course to Den for being the classy one as usual, and to Jared for giving us excellent questions and encouragement, and huge thanks to everyone who came along to listen to us waffle on. It was so lovely to see such a big crowd out to support two debut writers.


Gollancz have popped up a little summary of the evening, which is very handy because most of the actual talking I appear to have wiped from my memory. When there’s an event coming up where I know I will have to talk to people, I normally go through the following stages:

In the weeks leading up to the event, pretend it is not happening.

On the day of the event, freak out enormously and have a general panic. Swear that I will stop doing these things because WHY.

Actually sit down and do the event, have a bit of a chat, and thoroughly enjoy myself. Resolve to do more of these things.

Finish the event, and realise that my short term memory has wiped everything I just said.

Consequently, I can’t remember any of my answers to Jared’s questions last night, but I’m fairly sure I managed to reference Superman, Dragon Age and Farscape at least. Mainly though, I have a brilliant time, chatted to lots of lovely people, and now have a small pile of coins on my writing desk that look suspiciously like pirate gold. Wydrin would be proud.


Other things that have been happening this week; firstly the fab Vicky Hooper has interviewed me at Fantasy Faction, where I talk about a little more about the book, video games, and writing.

There have been a number of reviews that I am dead proud of, although I hesitate to put them all in one post in case you think I’ve turned into some raving egomaniac, stroking a cat whilst sitting atop a throne carved from the bones of my enemies… no wait, that’s just on Thursdays. Anyway, here’s a quick clutch of Copper Promise reviews:

Over at Reader Dad book reviews, they find the book “fast-paced and wonderfully-realised”

Jet Black Ink talks about the inclusiveness of The Copper Promise, and is so enthusiastic I was essentially grinning about it all day.

Starburst magazine gave it ten stars!

And there are a load more reviews over at the Hodderscape project!

Also, stuff like this has been happening (with thanks to Waterstones Milton Keynes). How cool is that?

waterstones MK


So pleased! 😀

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