Introducing News Beast: Conventions and Pre-Orders

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So I thought I’d best do a quick round up otherwise I will forget things: an exceptionally boring Monday was livened up considerably when someone on facebook (I say someone; a lovely person with tremendous good taste, obviously) told me that she’d pre-ordered The Copper Promise. Yep, as well as having an ISBN and everything you can pre-order the book. This is marvellous and surreal and a little bit scary. Yes.

Also, I should mention that I will be popping up at Edge-Lit 2 in Derby on the 13th of July, where I will be talking on a couple of panels and attempting to look like I know what I’m waffling on about (unlikely, I know). I’ve been to conventions in the Quad before and it’s a very cool place for a gathering; just cosy enough that you tend to find people you know in the corridors quite often, so it feels like a very relaxed, friendly con. If you’re going do come and say hello.

In August I’ll be going along to the newest (and possibly sexiest) con on the block, the Nine Worlds Geekfest in London. On the Friday night I will be participating in a New Voices Slam Session (eek!) where I will read a bit from The Copper Promise. Will I do funny voices? Will I forget my characters’ names? Come and found out.

More from News Beast next week. Back to the studio!

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