Interviews in SFX and Mithril Wisdom!


My face, leering out at you from popular publications

A couple of cool things this week. There’s a “New Author” interview with me in the current copy of SFX magazine. I can’t quite get my head around this fact, but I have purchased my copy and looked at it, sitting there on page 24 like an impossible thing, so it is apparently true. I’ve been reading SFX forever, and at no point did I ever expect to see myself featured in there as an author, with a picture of my book cover at the bottom of the column. It is an amazing thing.

There’s also a spotlight on The Copper Promise over at Mithril Wisdom, where top chap Jamie Gibb’s describes me as a “Lego-playing mead-drinker”, which I can only describe as worryingly accurate. There’s a bit of an interview with me there too, where I do my usual gibbering on about Bioware games and dispense a bit of random writing advice, which is a reasonably rare thing for me to do. The planets must be in a strange alignment or something.

Good times!

2 thoughts on “Interviews in SFX and Mithril Wisdom!

  1. Congratumalations! – Looking forward to the release of The Copper Promise in February (Note to self: Must begin plotting the logistics of getting a copy signed)

    From a fellow LEGO-playing mead-drinker – Who is one step closer to your fame and copious adulation after receiving an email about his manuscript that used the words ‘intriguing and well thought out’

  2. Thanks for waxing lyrical over at my place, Jen! I think Lego-playing mead drinker should be used globally as a compliment – I hope to see it on your author bio for your next published book 😉

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