Happy Almost Halloween!


So the amazing Crispin Young (@crisp22 on twitter) made this for me. I am so chuffed. Of course if I ever did contract the zombie virus and was doomed to spend my days wandering the earth as one of the undead, you can bet I’ll still be trying to foist my book on people. 😉

As this gives me an excuse for a mini update, I’m pleased to report that the proof-read version of THE IRON GHOST has now been returned to my publisher (phew!) and it’s available to request on Netgalley, which I suspect means it won’t be long until there are ARCs flying about*. This is both brilliant and scary.

So now it’s back to book 3 with me, which I intend to plough through during Nanowrimo (or at least, a 50,000 word section of it) – it just wouldn’t feel like Autumn/Winter without speed writing and binge eating Halloween sweets.

If you’re doing Nanowrimo yourself, buddy me up! I’m on there as sennydreadful, unsurprisingly :)

*EDIT: Apparently the Netgalley proofs have been popping up on devices today, THE TERROR OF IT ALL 0_0

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