Guardians of the Galaxy – All of the Yes


Yes indeed, this is an entirely frivolous post simply so I can post that picture on my blog. After a tense weekend of EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE seeing this film before us, we finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy last night and it was exactly as much fun as everyone said it would be. Space! Spaceships! Alien worlds! Weirdness! Dancing! Tree people! It’s “Rogues in space who sort of realise that they’re actually good people underneath and SAVE THE DAY” which is, let’s face it, very obviously a huge weakness of mine  (almost as big as Tortured Grumpy Prince With Issues) – that and a kicking soundtrack and tons of spot on humour, and this gallops up to be my favourite film of the year, possibly even edging out The Lego Movie (Chris Pratt, he can do no wrong).


Rocket. With a big gun. Hijinks. Yes.

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